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First Post

I hope people join this community so we can get ideas from one another.  I was a vegetarian a few years ago and then slowly went back to eating meat again.  I've hated myself for it!  :(   Now I'm back and bringing my husband along on this journey with me. (Hopefully he'll stay!)

Here's my first day back 12/4/08:

Breakfast: Kashi Autumn Harvest cereal w/ skim milk

Snack: 1 apple, handful of sunflower seeds

Lunch: 6 baked chik'n nuggets, roasted brussel sprouts/butternut squash

Snack: 1 svg. baked potato chips, 3 candy cane joe joe's (these awesome cookies from Trader Joe's)  (NOT the best snack! LOL)

Dinner: Lentil chili w/ veggie flaxseed tortilla chips

Snack: few pieces of frozen pineapple

Hope to have another successful day tomorrow!

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