~Marci~ (marci_ny) wrote in vegetarian_menu,

7/30 & 7/31

If there's anyone who reads this - I hope you're having a great week! :)


B: sprouted ww-flax bagel w/ Earth Balance & 1/2 slice vegan cheddar cheese; organic grapes

S: few peanuts; organic cherries

L: vegan Hunan dumplings; buckwheat soba noodles w/ tofu & veggies

S: 1/2 Larabar "peanut butter cookie"; cantaloupe & watermelon

D: 1 vegan hot dog on a sprouted Ezekial bun w/ saurkraut, veg. beans & sweet potato fries


B: sprouted ww-flax bagel w/ Earth Balance and 1/4 slice vegan cheddar cheese (the cheese is high in sodium, so I try to use very little); red grapes

S: caramelized onion hummus w/ multi-grain tortilla chips

L: HM ww vegan lasagna; cherries

S: peach or banana; few peanuts

D: BLT - using vegan bacon, vegenaise, romaine & heirloom tomato on sprouted ww-flax bread; cauliflower

S: coconut milk ice cream
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