~Marci~ (marci_ny) wrote in vegetarian_menu,

I started on the Eat to Live/Eat for Health program by Dr. Joel Fuhrman last week.  I am tweaking it to fit my lifestyle.  I don't think I can live without bread or vegan butter for the rest of my life.  The first week I only ate fruit and veggies and it was SOOO hard.  I was starving!!  This week I added in light, low sodium sprouted whole grain bread and grains.  On Eat for Health you can even eat meat every now and then, but I'm doing the vegan program.  It's not done 100% perfect, but I'm doing it to fit my life. :)  Yesterday I had:  Overnight Oats for breakfast made with unsweetened soy milk, fresh blueberries, banana & cinnamon.  Lunch was Dr. Fuhrman's zucchini-corn soup that I added cauliflower to and instead of the cashews it called for I added in sunflower seeds.  I'm having a little nut allergy lately even though tests come up negative. :P    The soup was really good!  Dinner I caved and had a vegan "burger" with tons sauteed mushrooms, onions & fresh garlic, and a baked sweet potato.  Snacks were fresh blueberries, strawberries, pineapple & a peach.   (My return button is not working - so this will be one big paragraph!!  LOL)  Today, it was overnight oats again for breakfast.  Lunch was more of the sauteed mushrooms, onions & garlic with a sweet potato.  Dinner will be a huge romaine, cucumber & red onion salad w/ beans and 2 slices of the sprouted bread w/ vegan butter.  Snacks will be fresh fruit.  I also juice every morning - my usual veggies and fruits I juice are: kale, collard greens, green apple, valenica orange, carrots & lemon.  Sooo good!! 
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